Our Systems

Featuring leading edge technology in double walled heat exchange design. This ensures reliability in the supply of significant volumes of hot water which can be used for cleaning or domestic use.

WHRLcool® Integrated Chiller Range.
A full range of industrial chillers with integrated heat recovery.
Available in 20 – 160 ton systems in both air-cooled and water-cooled options

WHRLflo® Retrofit System Range
Available as a full range of retrofit kits featuring easy to install modular skids suitable for fitting on to most existing cooling systems.

How are WHRL Solutions different?

  • Innovative patented design unlike anything in the heat exchange market today
  • Specifications can be modified to suit the individual client’s requirements
  • The system is rated up to 650psi and the patented double walled design protects the integrity of your potable water
  • Designed specifically to control the stress inherent in heat exchangers
  • The WHRL system typically will recover up to 1.6kw of heat energy in the form of hot water for every 1kwh of electricity energy used to drive the cooling process. This rate of potable hot water generation is unprecedented in the market today
  • We provide hot water storage tanks typically in the range of 1,000 to 5,000 GAL in order to target our clients having at least 24 hours worth of hot water in storage at any point in time. Hot water volume and temperature can be adjusted to suit your needs
  • The industrial design provides high durability, reliability & longevity
  • Remote Control and Monitoring is available for all systems from your Smartphone or Tablet
  • Built in the USA with the highest standards and quality

Delivering a strong return on investment!

Example: 4,000 Cow Dairy Farm

After installing WHRLflo®

5,000+ Gallons+ of FREE hot water available for cleaning

No propane used to heat the hot water


Cost of fully installed WHRLflo® system including hot water storage : $85,890

Savings $25,000 Propane Plus $5,000 electrical = $30,000


Our customers are already saving thousands per year!