May 2018

2018 has seen the successful launch of our innovative Package Chiller range and we are absolutely delighted with the strong demand we have seen in the first quarter.

The chillers are available from 4 to 40 Tons and as air-cooled or water-cooled systems. All units are wired, charged with refrigerant and piped ready for easy and simple connection.

Our chillers are industrial grade and feature top of the range components. Standard features on all units are reliable and energy efficient scroll compressors, electronic expansion valves, electronic hot gas bypass, stainless steel braised plate evaporators, pumps and insulated glycol tanks.  Our air-cooled units feature integrated micro-channel condenser coils with removable inlet air filters and high efficiency fan motors.

Our 10t and 20t models are available with variable speed compressors, which can lead to significant energy savings of up to 51% !

As with all of the WHRLcool range, PLC controls and remote access and control systems are available.

“ In the first quarter of 2018 I am really impressed with the performance of these package chillers and the ease of installation has been very helpful. They are working well on plate coolers where the dairy has needed additional capacity, but we have also used them on jacketed silos and horizontal tanks, where we are circulating the plates with chilled water as opposed to freon.  Many of these older tanks suffer from leaks because of their age and the pressure of the freon.  Converting to lower pressure chilled water has worked very well in extending the life of these tanks and adding additional redundancy to the cooling capacity “  Colin Thomson, Founder

“ These affordable and efficient Package Chillers are selling really well and are a great addition to our range.  As we approach the summer our customers are loving our very short lead times and the simplicity of installation and operation. This is very much a plug and play option for all dairy farms and the variable speed compressor option drives a very attractive energy saving.  If we can deal with the immediate cooling requirement in quick time the future addition of our innovative heat recovery system is also an option “ Stephen Faulkner, CEO

If you are interested in our new package chillers or any of the WHRLcool range please contact us on [email protected]